Tubeless Valve (single) - Presta - Alloy - 46mm

  • $11.99

You're looking at a mighty tubeless valve. It seals well to the rim and, since it's a presta valve, it has a removable core so that you can clean it when its inevitably become blocked by overambitious tyre sealant. At 46mm long it fits even reasonably deep carbon mtb rims.

The best part? They're singles, so you can pick your own colour combination! :) 

We stock valves made from two materials in our store. Brass valves are cheaper, but only come in a silvery colour and are heavier. Alloy valves are a bit more expensive, but come in a range of colours and are lighter. As usual, the choice is yours.

Note: This is one valve, if you want to purchase a pair you will need to purchase two...