SRAM Code Sintered (metallic) brake pads - 2011 onwards

  • $34.99

 Brakes feeling terribleFreshen 'em up with a new pair of pads.

SRAM/Avid Code Sintered (metallic) brake pads have a sintered braking surface for serious power, consistency and durability. These pads are compatible with SRAM/Avid code brake models from the year 2011 onwards.

There are two versions of this product, both of which are genuine SRAM products. Choose which is most appropriate for your situation. Your options are:

Pads + Spring + Retaining bolt: If you need a new pair of SRAM brake pads and you want a new spring or retaining bolt.

Just pads: If you need a new pair of SRAM brake pads but you already have a spring and retaining bolt. This product comes in workshop packaging (a small plastic bag), but don't worry - it is a genuine SRAM product. 

These pads also fit Guide RE brakes.