Backcountry Research Race Saddle Strap

  • $36.99

The only reason we wear packs on small rides is to carry tools for small mechanical mishaps. Unfortunately, packs make you sweat, restrict your movement and make you scream swear words... Or at least that's what they do to us. The reality is that we hate riding with packs unless it's a long day out and we really need it.

Ever since running a Backcountry Research strap we haven't had those problems. Just wrap your tools, tighten to your frame and all is good. Race straps are made from robust materials and hold your parts securely! We don't even notice them on our bike :) 

We manage to fit the following in ours:

  • 1x spare tube
  • 1x large multitool
  • 1x CO2 cartridge
  • 2x small tyre levers

But note: ours is pretty crammed, these are less spacious than the Mutherload Frame straps.

Also consider whether you have space between your seat and your tyre when your bike is bottomed out :)