BB30 Narrow Wide Chainring - Revolution components

BB30 Narrow Wide Chainring - Revolution components
  • $99.99

Is your chainring munched? Replace it with one of these bad boys from Revolution Components!

This BB30 chainring will fit all BB30 bottom bracket/crank setups. This chainring will fit 9,10,11 and 12 speed chains.

What’s the difference between GXP and BB30? Whilst they are interchangeable, they give totally different chain lines – i.e. your chainline will suck if you buy the wrong one…

But who is Revolution Components?

Revolution Components is a kiwi company who manufacture chain rings, derailleur hangers and sprockets. Their products are all made from high end alloys which are CNC machined into shape. Their chain rings get an industrial anodising which results in a protective layer that is typically 2x thicker than other chain rings. The result of all of this care is that their chainrings last a really long time!