Exus Pro Grease Gun

Exus Grease gun
  • $29.99

When parts need to move, grease is your best friend. And if you want control over how you apply grease, you had better get a grease gun! Exus grease guns are the full shebang, they're definitely our favourite. Here's a gun for you, if you want grease you will have to purchase that separately.

Here's what makes us excited about these grease guns:

  • It's sturdy because it's made of metal, not plastic like some other grease guns
  • Comes with an extension adapter, in case you're trying to put grease somewhere the sun isn't shining
  • Takes standard grease tubes with a 9/16" threaded spout

The only problem we've had with ours over the years is that the screw on the button is not thread-locked so may occasionally loosen a little, but that's easily fixed! 

A note about grease guns if you haven't used them before
With most grease guns, it's possible for air to get stuck in the gun. When this happens you'll press the button and nothing will seem to come out! Keep pressing the button and if nothing continues to happen apply a bit of pressure on the grease tube. You'll get there! :)