Gloworm X2 Adventure Light (1700 Lumens)

  • $299.99

Gloworm lights are our favourite brand of lights for night riding of all sorts. They are high output, water resistant (IP66 rated), shock proof, a fantastic build quality, easy to use and engineered in New Zealand.

The Gloworm X2 Adventure is a high output light which can be mounted to your helmet or handlebars. It can provide 1700 Lumens of light (measured) for one and a half hours, and lower outputs for much longer. The light head assembly weighs 89 grams and its 2 cell battery is light enough to be attached to your helmet. If you're not phased about needing to wear a backpack or mount your battery to your frame you should consider the Gloworm X2, it has the same output but double the run time.

Additional features

  • Changeable optics
  • Flexible cables
  • A variety of settings
    • Trail: super dim, low, medium, high
    • Commute: low, high, flashing

Parts included

  • X2 Adventure Light Head
  • 3400mAh Lithium Ion 2-cell Battery
  • Wireless TX remote
  • Lithium Ion Battery Smart Charger
  • Extension Cable
  • 31.8mm Quick Release Handlebar Mount
  • Universal QR Helmet Mount
  • Universal Light Mount
  • Spare Optic (Spot/Wide)
  • Hex Tool (3mm/1.5mm)
  • Spares Bag

Model comparison 

Model Light output Light weight Run time on max Battery on helmet? Wireless remote?
Alpha 1200 lumen 69g 2 hrs yes no
X2 Adventure 1700 lumen 89g 1.5 hrs yes yes
X2 1700 lumen 89g 3 hrs A little too heavy yes
XSV 3400 Lumen 150g approx 1.5hrs A little too heavy yes