Gloworm XS Light (G2.0) (2800 Lumens)

  • $461.99

Gloworm lights are our favourite brand of lights for night riding of all sorts. They are high output, water resistant (IP66 rated), shock proof, a fantastic build quality, easy to use and engineered in New Zealand.

The XS (2nd generation) is one of Gloworm's higher output lights with a maximum measured output of 2800 lumens. It can be mounted to your helmet or handlebars, but usually it's best to have your brightest light on your bars. It can provide 2800 Lumens of light (measured) for three hours, and lower outputs for much longer. The light head assembly weighs approximately 150 grams and its 4 cell battery is best placed in your bag or attached to your frame.

Additional features

  • Changeable optics
  • Flexible cables
  • A variety of settings
    • Trail: super dim, low, medium, high
    • Commute: low, high, flashing

Parts included

XS Light Head (G2.0)
Power Pack 10 (10000 mAH Lithium Ion Fast Charge Battery) 20W USB C Fast Charger (4hr battery charge)
Power Cable Regular and Large Universal Light Mount Universal Helmet Mount
35mm QR Bar Mount with Adapter for 31.8mm Spare Optics (Spot/Honeycomb/Wide) Hex Tool (3mm/2mm/1.5mm)
USB C Adapter for Power Pack USB Type A Adapter for Power Pack Velcro for Helmet Mounting
Velcro for Battery Mounting TX Remote (G2.0)

Gloworm Model comparison 

Model Light Output Light Weight Run time at Max Battery on helmet?
X2 Adventure 2000 Lumen 79g 2 hours Yes, light enough
X2 2000 Lumen 79g 4 hours No, a little too heavy
XS Adventure 2800 Lumen 92g 1.5 hours Yes, light enough
XS 2800 Lumen 92g 3 hours No, a little too heavy
XSV 3600 Lumen 112g
2 hours No, a little too heavy