GU Energy Stroopwafel

  • $3.99

Sometimes you get sick of consuming gel products and just want something that resembles real food when riding. GU Stroopwafels are here to help. Stroopwafels are your trail portable waffle substitute which encases a delectable layer of goo. Yes, a delectable layer of goo.

GU Stroopwafels, like all their other products, help you by providing three key nutrients: carbohydrates, electrolytes and BCAA's. The carbohydrates cover your energy losses, the electrolytes keep you well hydrated and the Branched Chain Amino Acids are known to decrease muscle and mental fatigue during your mission. 

Get into it, or as they say... GU for it! (We have no clue about this whole marketing thing, it seems cheesy to us)


Life tip: Make sure you keep somewhere warm before eating it, it massively improves the experience. We make sure to put them in our pocket for five minutes before eating. Having it before your ride? Put it over a mug of hot coffee or chocolate to soften it up!