GU Roctane Energy Gel

  • $5.49

Standard Energy Gels not quite cutting it? Try GU Roctane, the big brother of GU Energy Gels. Compared to GU Energy Gels, GU Roctane's are jammed with over double the electrolytes and over triple the BCAA's to aid you with hydration and reduce fatigue. 

We tend to leave these bad boys for big days, but how you use them is up to you! These are well worth giving a go if you're a gel fiend like us.

Get into it, or as they say... GU for it! (We have no clue about this whole marketing thing, it seems cheesy to us)

P.S. These are gluten free, kosher and made with no animal products


Flavors with a * contain 35mg of caffeine
Flavors without *'s contain no caffeine