Maxxis Minion DHF Tyre 27.5"

27.5" Maxxis Minion DHF Double Down
  • $99.99

The Minion DHF is a hell of a tyre. It has large cornering blocks, reasonable braking traction  and somehow manages to roll rather quickly as well. We've been using them for about 8 years and we're not bored yet... 

There's heaps of versions of each Maxxis tyre. Here's a key to help you understand what's on offer. Note that we will never stock all variations of these tyres, there's just way too many! 

Tubeless Ready (TR)
As it sounds... The tyre is ready for a tubeless setup - it can hold sealant etc.

The casing is the body of the tyre and includes everything except the tread. The casing type determines tyre weight, flexibility and resistance to flats.

  • Single-ply: One layer of nylon wrapped from bead-to-bead. This conforms well to terrain and is light weight. Great for XC riding
  • Dual-ply: Two layers of nylon are used from bead-to-bead, providing additional protection and sidewall stiffness. Great for DH riding
  • EXO: A cut and abrasion resistant material is added to the sidewalls of the single ply tyre. This adds extra protection for rough and/or rocky riding where damaging sidewalls is probable. Great for XC and Enduro riding
  • Double Down: A dual-ply tyre casing which is lighter than standard dual-ply. Holds up well to hard riding. Great for hard Enduro riding

Tyre Compound
Rubber compound determines the traction and longevity of a tyre. In Maxxis tyres, rubber compounds range from 42a (high traction but wears quickly) through to 70a (great support and longevity but provides less traction) 

Multiple compound tyres are made to take advantage of the positives from each compound. The base layer is stiff rubber and the layers on top of this are softer. This creates a tyre with great traction and a solid base - think about cornering and riding off-camber. 

  • SINGLE: One compound throughout the tread
  • Dual: Two compounds used within the tread to offer lower rolling resistance and increased cornering grip.
  • TRIPLE COMPOUND (3C): Three compounds arranged for tyre rigidity, straight line stopping power and cornering grip

The bead keeps the tyre it in contact with the rim.

  • Foldable: The bead is made of spun aramid or Kevlar® fibers. These do the trick for most riding applications.
  • Wire: A rigid metal wire is used for the bead. This sticks to the rim well and doesn't deform from burping. Unfortunately it's about 60-100g heavier than foldable beads so is better suited to DH riding.