ODI Ruffian lock-on grips

  • $42.99

ODI Ruffian lock-on grips have been our favorite grips since they were launched years ago. Ruffians are 115mm wide (130 between the outsides of the lockrings), 30mm in diameter and have a knurled rubber surface. They are known for being quite tacky, especially when worn. Ruffian grips are mounted to your bars by a pair of lock rings which sit on each side of the grip.  

Variations available:

Bonus pack
If you don't have a pair of ODI lock rings already make sure you purchase a bonus pack. Bonus packs include the grips, end-caps and a pair of lock-rings - all you need to attach the grips to your bars if you haven't used ODI grips before.

Replacement pack
Have you already got a pair of ODI lock rings from previous grips? Purchase a set of replacement grips, with fresh end-caps, for a lower price.