Rimpact Pro Tubeless Insert Set - with Valves

Rimpact Pro Tubeless Insert Set - with Valves
  • $169.99

Tubeless inserts are a fantastic way to reduce wheel damage and improve the feel of your bike. Until recently none of the cheaper options performed well but Rimpact has changed that. Rimpact are simply a well performing product at a better price-point than the alternatives.

This is for one set (two) of inserts with valves. These are appropriate for rims with 23mm-35mm internal width. Anything larger than that would require the Rimpact Plus model which we stock also.

Rimpact Tubeless Inserts help in the following ways:

  1. They minimise the impact force on your rim. We have had far less rim dings since riding them.
  2. They help stabilise your tyre sidewall. The level of stabilisation will depend on the combination of rim and tyre that you are running. 
  3. They massively reduce trail chatter. This surprised us but it was very very welcome.
  4. They reduce the chances of damaging your tyre.

There are two models of Rimpact inserts: Original and Pro.

Original inserts are made of a single type of foam and provide great performance at a great price point. We ran Original inserts very happily for 6 months at the Christchurch Adventure Par before we moved onto a pro/original combo.

Pro inserts are made from a dual density foam which provides even more rim protection, vibration damping, tyre stability and tyre damage prevention. Original inserts weigh 85g-95g each and Pro inserts weigh 150g-160g each.

Pro inserts provide more rim protection and tyre roll resistance. Original inserts provide a little more vibration damping due to their softer compound. We prefer to run a Pro insert in the rear and an Original insert in the front. You can purchase a mixed set from here if you are interested.


  • These will increase the surface area inside your tyre so we suggest using 25% or so extra sealant than you would usually.
  • This product also includes Rimpact tubeless valves, because normal valves just won't work!
  • Yes, this product listing is for two inserts - one for each wheel.