Valve core removal tool (Plastic)

Presta valve core removal tool
  • $2.99

Bent your valve core? Perhaps air isn't going into it or out of it? Either way, it sounds like you need to remove your valve core! You can do it with pliers or an adjustable wrench, but they're a pain in the butt to have in your riding bag. Instead, you could use a  dedicated valve core removal tool which is light and takes up little to no space in your bag.

If your valve core is stuck don't push too hard with this tool. The tool is made of plastic and can be munted if used too forcefully. We're in the process of sourcing robust metal tools as well, however they will be more expensive.

How to use:

  • Remove valve stem cap
  • Align the central hole of the tool with your valve core
  • Gently push the tool down onto your valve core until it sits snugly around the core
  • Rotate the tool anti-clockwise to remove your valve core