Bleed block (for Shimano)

  • $5.99

Getting shops to bleed your brakes can be bloody expensive. Why not bleed them yourself? Here’s a bleed block to space out the pistons of your Shimano brake during the bleeding process. There are different sizes of bleed block, make sure you get the right one!

For your reference, Shimano Saint and Zee are 4 piston brakes and hence need a 4 piston bleed block. Shimano have recently released 4 piston models of their other brakes so now you need to check how many pistons your caliper has to see if it is 4 piston or 2 piston. To check just look behind your brake pads and see how many white pistons there are on your brakes - there will either be one on each side (2 piston) or two on each side (4 piston).

Before you finish your purchase, make sure you’ve got all the equipment to bleed your brakes. You'll need the following:

bleed kit or just a bleed funnel (if you’ve got the other tools hanging around)
Some mineral oil
bleed block


Note: Genuine Shimano gear is getting more difficult for us to source so we have found alternative bleed blocks which have identical dimensions.