Brake adapter - Post to post

  • $11.99

Post-to-Post brake adapters are for mounting Post type disc calipers to Post type frames/forks. The adapters come in +20mm, +23mm and +43mm sizes. Each adapter comes with washers and bolts as per the product photos.

Each sizes does the following:

  • +20mm adapts from a 160mm postmount to use a 180mm rotor (but not from 180mm to 200mm)
  • +23mm adapts from a 180mm post mount to use a 203mm rotor - common on forks (also works for 200mm rotor)
  • +43 adapts from a 160mm postmount to use a 203mm rotor. Sadly, it will not adapt from 180mm to 220mm

There is a little bit of variation in actual caliper, rotor and mount designs so in some cases the washer included may need to sit between the mount and adapter to get the correct spacing.