Bicycle Tool Kit - 18 Piece

  • $84.99

Purchasing a single tool for every bike servicing job can be very expensive. This tool kit includes 18 commonly used tools for servicing your bike so you can do a bunch of jobs without breaking the bank account. 

This tool kit comes in a moulded plastic case so you can keep them together easily. We have had one of these kits for the last 5 years, and the tools we haven't lost are still working well. If you don't abuse the tools, they should last for you too. 

The following tools are included in this kit:

1x 3mm Flat-Head Screwdriver
1x 5mm Philips Screwdriver
1x Dust cap Wrench - For removing spline style crank arms
1x Pedal Wrench 14/15mm
2x Long Tyre Levers
1x Cassette removal tool - for removing normal shimano style cassettes (works for everything except campy standard)
1x Patch Repair Kit
1x Hex Wrench Set – 2/2.5/3/5/6mm. 4/5/6mm have ball ends
2 x Hub Cone Spanner - 13/14/15/16mm - Adjust your hub bearing pre-load
1x Cartridge B.B. Tool - For Shimano cartridge Bottom Brackets
1x Bottom Bracket Wrench - Fits Shimano Hollowtech II B.B
1x Chain Whip - compatible with 7-12 speed chains
1x Chain Rivet Extractor
1x Crank Puller - Works for Shimano spindle, over-sized B.B. and ISIS drive. The adapter fits both square and splined axles.
1x Chain ring Nut Wrench
1x T25 Torx Key – For SRAM componentry
1x Long 8mm Hex Wrench – For crank removal
1x Spoke Wrench - Sizes: 3.2mm, 3.3mm and 3.5mm