Basic Cassette Removal Tool

Basic Freewheel Tool
  • $14.99
This Basic Cassette Removal Tool is made to remove your cassette. It has a supporting centre pin, which reduces the chances of you aligning it at a funny angle on your cassette - which helps to not strip it. It also has a handle which provides good leverage and really helps to align the tool with your cassette spline. The total length of this tool is 24cm.

This will remove Shimano HG style cassettes - so pretty much anything that is not Campy standard. Yes, that includes SRAM. This tool can also be used to remove Shimano Centerlock rotors.

The differences between the Basic and Premium Basic Cassette tools are handle length, tool quality, aesthetics and price. We prefer the more comfortable handle and extra leverage of the Premium tool, but we decided to stock both so that you have the choice.