MTB Mini Pump - Basic - Extractable Hose

Basic Hand Pump with Extractable Hose
  • $13.99

Looking for a mini pump that doesn't break the bank? Consider one of these bad boys. We've been running one for 6 months on our mountain bike and its performance has been fine - just what you look for in a low price pump. 

These are perfect as a pump for in the pack but comes with a bottle cage mount also. Don't expect amazing craftsmanship on this pump but it certainly does the trick.

Note: Not suitable for Road bikes, maximum pressure is about 60psi


  • Extractable hose, so you can inflate your tyres without bending your valve around
  • Presta and Schrader valve compatible
  • Maximum pressure - about 60 psi. We just couldn't get it any higher. Fine for mtb's
  • Basic bottle cage mount sits under the bottle cage
  • Dust cap to keep crap out of the pump
  • Cheap and chirpy, tweet tweet!