Bike Repair Stand

Bike Repair Stand
  • $189.99

When working on your bike, having it elevated and held in place is extremely useful. This repair stand is a great investment, unless you really feel like forking out big bucks. The stand is easy to set-up, has an adjustable height, adjustable clamp, rotatable clamp and is quite strong. And on-top of that, it's legs fold down to give a minimum length of 1m, so you can hide it in the corner or take it on trips.

As with all other Repair Stands, there are a few ways using them can go wrong. Firstly, clamping your bike too hard can break things - just go easy on tightening it. Secondly, the bike needs to be reasonably central between the feet, otherwise the stand can fall over. Falling over is a drawback of all 2 leg stand designs, no matter how expensive.

Having your own Bike Repair Stand is a great way to start doing maintenance on your own bikes. We would be lost without ours!


  • Maximum Weight Capacity: 25kg
  • Adjustable height from 102 - 154cm
  • Clamp opening adjusts from 30 - 80mm


  • Don't worry about this product being partially made out of plastic. It is very robust
  • If you want to put your bike on super funky angles you made need to adjust the rotation mechanism. This can easily be done by taking the handle off and tightening a bolt which brings the teeth slightly closer together.