Bike Storage Hanger

Bike Storage Hanger
  • $14.99

Here's a tidy looking hanger for hanging up your bike. It's great for freeing up a bit of space in your garage or house. The hanger is fixed to the wall with 4 screws (included) and it can hold bikes up to 25kg. 

Even for a single unit, these Hangers are large enough to create significantly higher shipping costs at our end. As such, single units have higher pricing than ordering multiple at a time. If you would like to make an order for 10 units or more, please get in touch to discuss pricing.

26cm total length (top of rubber to base of metal thread)
9.5cm external width (for hook from outside of rubber to outside of rubbe)
7cm metal base width

It will need to be screwed into an appropriate piece of wood or stud, do not use hollow walls! The provided screws also come with nylon plugs for if you want to have it on a solid wall.