Bleed kit (Avid/SRAM/Formula)

  • $59.99

After using a few different brands, we found these the best. The kits have great quality syringes and well toleranced fittings. Our favorite part is the tubing, which can actually be clamped. If you've ever used an avid kit you'll know what we are talking about...

Bleed kit types

  • Standard - fits all Avid/Formula brakes. It also fits SRAM Guide brakes up to (and including) the 2016 model. Contains 2 syringes with avid fittings
  • Edge - Fits SRAM Guide brakes from 2017 models onward. Contains 1 syringe with a standard avid fitting and one syringe with an edge fitting
  • All - Fits all SRAM, Avid and Formula brakes (including all guide brakes). Contains 2 syringes with standard avid fittings and one syringe in an edge fitting

Each kit also contains:

  • 250ml Liqui Moly DOT 5.1
  • A bleed block for two and four piston brakes (rotate it to change dimensions)
  • Torx T10 wrench
  • A pair of Nitrile protective gloves
  • A rubberband for securing the brake lever
  • Spare O-rings for the syringe fittings
  • A brake bleeding instruction manual

Note: The bleeding edge fitting only works on bleeding edge brakes and does not work for reverb bleeds.