Brake cable outer housing with Slick lube

2m of lubed brake cable outer
  • $9.99

Here's 2m of Jagwire 5mm diameter Slick-lube Brake housing, suitable for SRAM and Shimano setups. In the centre is a long lasting slick lubricant that reduces shifting friction and reduces water penetration. Encompassing that within the housing is a steel coil for improved stiffness for braking. All of this makes for a high performance and long lasting brake housing!

We sell this in 2m and 10m lengths. 2m will do a long cable for all non-tandem bikes (except extra extra extra long bikes). 10m is slightly cheaper per metre, but you also get much better usage of cable (less wastage, so even cheaper again).

We don't include ferrules with brake cables because different models of brakes use different numbers of ferrules. We do suggest that you replace your ferrules each time you replace a cable though, so if you need some you can grab them here. Make sure you grab the brake version! 

Please note: Your housing may need a few days to relax after being opened, it may have been stored in a circle for a while...