Cable Cutter

Cable Cutter
  • $21.99

These cable cutters will help you get a clean cut when cutting gear inner, outer and hydraulic cables. None of the fraying that you get with pliers or side-cutters! They have rubber handles and a spring for ease of use.


  • These cable cutters do not have a crimping surface for attaching cable ends. You can use some pliers for that.
  • As with other cutters, these will ovalise the end of the outer cable. After cutting your outer, push an inner cable through from the other end to open it up and it should be good!
  • To get good leverage these open reasonably wide. The downside of that is if you have small hands they may be difficult to use. If for some reason you are unable to use them please get in touch with us to return them and we will offer a refund.