Cable Rattle Damper Tubing - 1m

Cable Rattle Damper Tubing - 1m
  • $8.99

Sick of cable rattle inside your frame? Here's some tubing which fits over your internal cables and will stop them from rattling inside your frame. This tubing is 1m long, has an internal diameter of 5mm and an outer diameter of 10mm.

If you order more than one unit, we will provide a length equal to the number of units. E.g. 2x units is 2m. This will allow you to get better use of the available tubing :) 

Things to Note:

  • A lot of bikes will require more than 1m so have a measure up first to decide how much you need before buying
  • This tubing fits 4mm & 5mm cable well (almost all cables)
  • It's worth looking at your cable entrances to assess suitability - some frames have extremely narrow cable entrances that you can't squish this through