CO2 Inflator

  • $16.99

CO2 inflators are bloody handy for when you need to inflate quickly, or don't want to carry a bigger hand pump around. We have two options of CO2 inflator, some details about each are below. Both options fit on Schrader and Presta valves and they also come with a neoprene sleeve which insulates your hand from the cold during usage. Note: these comes without CO2 cartridges, we haven't figured out how to send them cheaply yet sorry. CO2 cartridges are pretty easily obtained from your local bike shop :)

Black plastic:

  • Has a separate thread which allows for CO2 canister storage on the unit - useful to keep it all together

Gold Alloy:

  • More bling
  • Slightly smaller and lighter than the black plastic model
  • Doesn't have a separate thread for canister storage