Bike Light (for commuting)

  • $12.49

These rechargeable commuter lights are a great way to be seen while you are out on the roads at night. They come in two colours: White, for the front, and Red, for the rear. They have 5 settings: High, Medium, Low, Flashing 1 and Flashing 2. 

Each light comes with it's own micro usb charging cable. A stretchy (yet thick) rubber strap on the back allows you to mount them to your handlebars or seat-post. These lights have an IP65 rating, which means they are good for use in the rain but they likely won't survive being dropped in puddles.

We haven't verified the manufacturers claims of brightness so we have not listed it. Our long term testing suggests that they are plenty bright to be seen well out on the road. In fact, we think they are a bit brighter than most commuter lights.

Battery life from our tests :
The red lights have an average battery life of 12.5 hours when used on the Flashing 1 setting (the most sensible for using in traffic). For their entire operation, the red lights have the same brightness - i.e. they just stop working at about 12.5 hours.

The white lights also have an average battery life of 12.5 hours when used on the Flashing 1 setting. This is when the light starts dimming and it continues dimming until it stops working entirely at about 14-15 hours.

Note: The safest setting for riding in traffic is the first flashing setting. Lights which are flashing are much more easily noticed by traffic.