Fluid injector

  • $2.99

A handy dandy device for measuring and injecting fluids. There's a few sizes to choose from. Useful for whatever you want to do with it... Here's some examples of what we use these for:

  • Injecting tubeless sealant into our wheels through our valve stem so we don't get it everywhere
  • Brake bleeding - by attaching a 3mm tube to the injector you can connect it to the bleed nipple of shimano brakes
  • Measuring out fork fluid - use an injector instead of your old graduated cup
  • Spraying a jet of water at our partner just to be a nuisance

Please note: The rubber seals on these require lubrication to move smoothly. If your syringe becomes a bit tired, try taking the plunger out and lubricating the seal with whatever fluid you are using. Put it back into the outer and it should be good!