PNW Loam Grips - XL size

  • $39.99

Grips tend to either be expensive or poor performance. We are happy to say that PNW Loam Grips are neither. Loam Grips simply perform well at a great price-point. They come in a few snazzy colours and you can even get matchy matchy with the Loam Lever.

These loam grips are XL size with an average diameter of 34mm. Perfect if you want a bunch of extra comfort or have big hands. The regular loam grips have an average diameter of 30mm which works well for those without massive hands or those who prefer a more direct connection to the front wheel. Regular Loam grips can be found here

The Loam Grip features two contrasting patterns and these dueling motifs play an important ergonomic role. Thin strips run horizontally across the grip’s surface for enhanced traction and supple feel, while the thicker mountain pattern helps support the pad of your hand. Beefing up this outer zone with a heartier design combats compound deterioration, ensures the grip absorbs more vibration and provides the needed structure to support the additional body weight pressing down on this area.

Diameter: 34mm average (slight variation across the grip)
Width: 134mm