Presta valve cap + core removal tool

  • $7.99

Have you ever pumped your tyre up only to accidentally remove your valve core? How about wished you could remove the valve core to push out the tubeless gunk that's accumulated in your valve? Valve core hi-jinks are a reality of running tubeless tyres. 

This alloy valve cap has an inbuilt presta valve remover so you can always remove your valve core. Slap it on your valve and you can tighten or loosen valve cores wherever you are. We end up using these most weeks we're riding, it would have been great to have these five years ago! 

How to use:

  • Remove valve stem cap
  • Align the hole of the tool with your valve core
  • Push the tool down onto your valve core until it sits snugly around the core
  • Rotate the tool anti-clockwise to remove your valve core