Rotor Truing & Pad Spreading tool

Rotor Truing & Pad Spreading Tool
  • $19.99

This tool helps to solve two problems that happen to disc brakes regularly:

Problem 1: Bent disc rotors
Even slight bends in rotors are a pain in the butt. Bends decrease your braking performance and make your bike noisy as your rotor rotates (*ting* *ting* *ting*).

This tool has rotor width slots which can be used to remove your rotor wobble. There are 3 slots, just in case you need to access the rotor from different angles.

Problem 2: Pads are too close to each other
Your pads are too far advanced. Generally this occurs when your pads are worn out and you want to replace them, but the new pads are too thick... What about that time you take your wheel out and accidentally grab the brake lever?

This tool will slot nicely between your pads to easily lever them open. 

Note: When using this tool please make sure it is clean (we clean ours with iso-propyl alcohol often). Contaminating your pads or rotors is not fun and generally means you have to replace your disc pads.