Smoove Chain Lube 120mL

Smoove Chain Lube 120mL
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Smoove is our favourite chain lubricant. It is low friction, doesn't attract dust and lasts for ages. Smoove is self-cleansing, 100% biodegradable and solvent free.

Smoove is a wax based lube and so the cleaner your chain is, the better is performs. If applied correctly, it lasts a long time. Other users quote getting up to 1000km on one application for road riding and 500km while mountain biking. This is certainly our own experience if we take care to apply it properly in the first place.

Application procedure:

The following procedure may seem a bit overkill but you only need to be so thorough once. The main factor which determines performance is how well you manage to remove oils on your chain. If you apply Smoove to a chain with normal lubes/oils/grease on it then you'll get average results.

1) Clean your chain rigorously. Use the strongest degreaser you can find - we put our chain in a glass jar full of petrol and shake it about for a while. Afterwards wash it off with hot water with detergent in it - especially if you use petrol, it leaves a film which needs to be removed. 

2) Allow the chain the dry fully. Go for a quick pedal to get the initial moisture off and leave it outside for a while. 

3) Apply Smoove to the inside of the chain while turning the pedals to ensure that the lube gets worked into the chain. Keep applying as a constant dribble until you see lube spanning/webbing the pins between every other link. This will likely feel like quite a bit of lube.

4) Keep pedalling the chain backwards at least 30 times to ensure it's totally worked in. The goal here is to work the wax into the pin which is responsible for the majority of friction and wear in your chain.

5) Leave to dry for at least an hour. The best results are achieved when Smoove is applied the night before.

6) Do not wipe your chain after application. Let it dry! 

Next time you ride your drive-train should be quiet and feel fantastic.


When should I re-apply Smoove?
Don't reapply lube until your drive-train starts sounding 'dry'. When it sounds dry, apply lube over top again - and let it dry. 

Do I have to clean my drive-train every time I apply Smoove?
Nope. Only clean your drive-train when you think it needs a clean. Smoove doesn't attract dust so we get away with cleaning our chain very little over summer. We tend to clean our drive train after roughly 5 applications in dry riding conditions. Winter is a bit of a different story, but it is with every other lube too!

Is there anything else I should keep in mind?
Sometimes Smoove will accumulate on your chain ring, or jockey wheels, which can cause some chain suck. If you ever notice this use a flat headed screwdriver to remove the excess accumulated.