STFU Bike Drivetrain Damper

  • $54.99

The most effective way of reducing noise on your bike is to reduce chain-slap. STFU Bike was developed with Chris Kovarik (a.k.a. Karver) and is the best product on the market for this job.

Included in the product are two adjustable Drivetrain Damping modules that mount to your swingarm. When your chain is installed through STFU it is encased in muted rubber - chain-slap still happens it just causes much less noise.

Important note: When you install this product ensure the cable tie is pulled quite tight using pliers. Re-tighten the cable ties after every second ride for the first 10 rides as they tend to stretch. If the cable ties stretch too much the product can rotate and go through your spokes which will cause significant damage to it (but your wheel will be fine).


  • Trail - Suits bikes with 1x gearing (single chain ring)  and 9 - 13 speed with up to a 52 tooth cassette
  • DH 7 Speed - Suits 7 speed downhill bikes with up to a 26 tooth cassette
  • DH 10 Speed - Designed around 10 speed shimano style downhill drive-train with up to a 32 tooth cassette. Suitable for 8-12 speed

Instructions on how to install STFU Bike can be found on the STFU Bike website.