Torque Wrench Set - 1/4" - 1-25Nm

Torque Wrench kit
  • $84.99

If you want your bike to run in mint condition then it's worth getting the right torque value on your bolts. Over-torquing can result in damage to your parts - some of us have wrecked dropper posts and carbon parts as a result. Under-torquing is downright dangerous as things can fall off or rotate unexpectedly on you.

Before purchasing this please read the entire product description so that you understand how to use this product properly.

This Torque Wrench is 23cm long and can provide Torque of 1-25Nm. That range allows this torque wrench to be used for everything from lock-on grips to beefier suspension pivots. It comes with a certificate of calibration which shows the wrench is calibrated to ISO-6789 (within a +-4% tolerance).

The correct torque is achieved when the head of the torque wrench swivels relative to the body. It is important to pay attention to the head of the wrench when applying torque. The following video demonstrates usage of this wrench

This wrench comes with the following 16 drivers (all 1/4 inch driver size) in a handy plastic case:

  • 3mm hex
  • 4mm hex
  • 5mm hex
  • 5mm hex - extra long
  • 6mm hex
  • 8mm hex
  • 10mm hex
  • T15 torx
  • T20 torx
  • T25 torx
  • T27 torx
  • T30 torx
  • T40 torx
  • 4 mm socket
  • 9cm extension
  • 5mm hex - Long

The first time you use this tool it is worth using a low setting on a bolt to get a feel for what the mechanism feels like when a torque is reached. Once you are familiar with using the tool, go nuts!

Like with all torque wrenches, make sure you set it back to zero torque after using it. If you don't set it back to zero torque, the gauge will become inaccurate after some time.

Please note that this torque wrench only works in the clockwise direction (tightening conventional threads). The torque limiter will not activate with left hand threads - you risk breaking the tool and damaging your bike. I.e. Don't use it on both of your pedals!