WPL suspension oil - 1L

  • $47.99

WPL suspension oil is made from natural ingredients (biodegradeable), it's non-toxic and thermally stable - what's more to want? The oil comes in viscosity grades from 2.5wt through to 20wt.

These suspension oils can be used as replacements for similar viscosity fluids. Some examples of fluids that these replace are:

WPL 5wt replaces: Fox R3 5wt, Fox 5wt teflon inflused, Rockshox 5wt 
WPL 7wt replaces: Fox green 7wt, Rockshox 7wt
WPL 10wt replaces: Fox green 10wt, Fox red 10wt, Rockshox 10wt, Rockshox 0W30
WPL 20wt replaces: Fox gold 20wt, Rockshox 10wt, Rockshox 0W30