Mineral oil (for Shimano, Tektro, TRP)

250ml bottle of mineral oil
  • $17.99

Getting shops to bleed your brakes can be bloody expensive. Why not bleed them yourself? Here is some Mineral oil so you can bleed them yourself.

We have sourced a high quality fluid which is compatible with the seals in mineral oil brakes such as Shimano, Tektro and Magura. It has a very similar viscosity and colour but smells a bit different to Shimano Mineral Oil. After running this fluid in our own brakes for over a year, we decided to sell it to our customers because it performs rather well.

The two sizes on offer are 250mL and 1L. We usually get about four full bleeds, or many lever bleeds, from a 250mL bottle.

Before you finish your purchase, make sure you’ve got all the equipment to bleed your brakes. If you're bleeding Shimano brakes, you'll need the following:

bleed kit or just a bleed funnel (if you’ve got the other tools hanging around)
Some mineral oil
bleed block

Warranty warning:
Manufacturers insist that you use official branded fluid products for bleeding your brakes and will likely claim you have voided your warranty if they discover you have used a different fluid to their official products. 

On the very low chance that you have an issue with your brakes which will require warranty, we suggest that you re-bleed your brakes with the official oil of that brand.