Brake bleed kit (for Shimano)

  • $27.99

Getting shops to bleed your brakes can be bloody expensive. Why not bleed them yourself? Here’s a bleed kit for bleeding Shimano brakes. We got frustrated with official kits so made our own kits that use tubing which fits snugly onto the bleed port of your caliper.

We find this tubing set up works better than official kits, but over time the syringe and tubing do stiffen up and wear out. When your tubing or Fluid Injector is worn you can purchase a replacement from here.  

All types of bleed kit include:
Bleed funnel for Shimano brakes
35mL Fuid Injector 
15cm of 3mm clear vinyl tubing

The  "With 7mm Wrench" kit also includes:
7mm combination spanner

Road kits
Include a threaded adapter so the funnel fits the smaller diameter thread on your brake lever

Before you finish your purchase, make sure you’ve got all the equipment to bleed your brakes. You'll need the following: