SKF low friction fork seals

SKF low friction fork seals
  • $59.99

SKF low friction seals have noticeably lower friction than any other seals that we have tried. Lower friction reduces the force required to move your fork (breakaway force) which increases traction on your front wheel.

Each seal kit contains all of the parts you need for a lower service - a pair of seals, foam rings and crush washers. Make sure you check your forks service manual to determine which type of seal you should be ordering.

Whats the deal with flanged and flangeless seals?
Flanged seals are easier to install but provide less resistance to the seal popping out while riding. Fox forks originally used flanged seals and changed around the year 2015 (depending on fork model) to flangeless seals. Rockshox forks can use either flanged or flangeless so we've decided to just stock the flangeless version. 

Note about Rockshox 32mm seals

Rockshox uses two different outer diameter sizes on their fork seals. Be careful to order the correct one!

32mm x 41mm Flangeless variation is for all seals with a 41mm outer diameter. This includes, but is not limited to, the following: RS Bluto, SID B1 (2017+), Sektor C1 (2019+), Sektor Silver A2/TK B1 (2017+)RS1, Reba A7 (2018).

The 32mm x 42mm Flanged variation is for all seals with a 42mm outer diameter. Most Rockshox 32mm forks until 2017 use these seals. If your fork is not on the 32mm x 41mm list above then these are the seals!