Mineral oil (for shimano)

250ml bottle of mineral oil
  • $17.99

Getting shops to bleed your brakes can be bloody expensive. Why not bleed them yourself? Here's the stuff you need for bleeding Shimano brakes. It will work well for all brakes which use mineral oil.

After sending a number of fluids away for testing we seem to have found precisely the mineral oil that you are after. We now import it in bulk and put it in our own bottles for you to purchase.

The two sizes on offer are 250mL and 1L. We usually get about four full bleeds, or many lever bleeds, from a 250mL bottle.

Before you finish your purchase, make sure you’ve got all the equipment to bleed your brakes. If you're bleeding Shimano brakes, you'll need the following:

bleed kit or just a bleed funnel (if you’ve got the other tools hanging around)
Some mineral oil
bleed block