Tubeless Rim Tape - 10m

  • $16.99

A key factor in setting your wheels up tubeless is having a good quality rim tape. We have always been bothered by the price of rim tape so we decided to import some ourselves.

We approached a number of manufacturers and tested their products. After lots of taped wheels, a few beers and plenty of discussion, we decided on this model. We are very happy with it.

Tape features:

  • Sticks and seals well
  • Conforms well to the rim
  • Not too little stretch, not too much - The goldilocks amount
  • Hard to tear
  • 10m long - will tape up to 11 x 29" wheels (with 25% overlap)

What width to use?
To get a great seal it's best to use rim tape which is slightly wider than your rim. Applying good tension to the tape as you apply it will allow the extra width of tape to get inside the rim without any hassle.

For narrow rims (around 20mm internal width), using a rim tape which is 2-4mm wider than your rim is ideal. For wide rims (40mm+ internal width) using a tape that is 3-6mm wider than your rim is ideal. 

Our Guarantee
We think this tape works rather well. If you purchase it and disagree, we will refund you. Just let us know and we can arrange a return of the product and a refund.

Pro Tip
One of the most common causes of tubeless air leaks is due to poor tape cutting when inserting tubeless valves. Instead of cutting the tape, try heating the top of your tubeless valve with a lighter and then push it through.